What is Bril Finance?

Bril is a seamless yet sophisticated decentralised finance (DeFi) tool that actively optimises and manages portfolio strategies in a secure, non-custodial manner. The dapp allows users to deposit tokens into single-asset vaults, which drive yield based on automated liquidity strategies- giving everyone professional-grade tools that deliver high yields for risk-adjusted returns. Bril leverages an underlying liquidity provisions algorithm, which runs category-defining, automated rebalancing for high capital efficiency.

How does Bril work?

With Bril, users deposit tokens into single asset vaults and receive LP tokens representing their share in the liquidity pool. Single asset vaults remove the complexity of managing multiple assets in a liquidity pool. Bril deploys the deposited assets into concentrated liquidity AMMs across blockchain ecosystems via a premier cross-chain bridging partner. Positions are automatically adjusted based on market conditions. Users can then withdraw deposits and earnings at any time.

What sets Bril apart from other DeFi platforms?

Bril offers several key differentiators:

• Single Asset Vaults: Users can deposit a single asset into vaults - removing the complexity of managing multiple tokens in the liquidity pool. • Secure Self-Managed Deposits: Bril ensures complete ownership and control over funds through secure self-managed deposits, enhancing user security. • Liquidity Provisions Algorithm: The underlying algorithm is designed by a team of experts and industry veterans and tested transparently onchain for automated token rebalancing based on market conditions - enabling anyone to manage assets like a professional. Early integrations with with leading AMMs and DEX partnershave shown an Internal Rate of return (IRR) of 51.4%.Sustainable Yield: Bril deploys deposited assets into concentrated liquidity AMMs across blockchain ecosystems via a premier cross-chain bridging partner.

How does the liquidity provisions algorithm manage market volatility?

Bril is designed to respond accordingly to drastic market changes by making necessary rebalancing adjustments. Bril monitors the differences between fast (5 min) and slow (60 min) TWAPs as well as between spot price and fast TWAP. Based on the price differences, Bril recognizes High Volatility (depending on the pool, typically set at 6% difference) and Extreme Volatility (typically set at 25% difference) situations.

During periods of High Volatility, your position will be dispersed across the price range, thereby limiting the significant sale of your preferred token due to price changes.

In situations of extreme volatility, the vault gets locked, preventing further deposits. At this point, the strategy team evaluates the market conditions before making any rebalancing decisions.

Is there a minimum deposit for Bril?


Can I deposit any tokens into Bril?

Generally, Bril supports a range of popular tokens. However, availability can vary, and it's best to check the platform for the latest supported tokens. If the token you wish to deposit is not on the platform, you can reach out to our team on Discord for consideration.

What tokens do I earn with Bril?

Bril places deposited tokens into a concentrated liquidity AMM, such as Uniswap V3, to earn trading fees. You'll receive LP tokens in exchange for your deposit. Yield is generated by trading fees and slippage in the liquidity pool relative to your LP tokens.

Is Bril safe and secure?

Yes, Bril places a strong emphasis on security. It offers secure self-managed accounts, implements advanced security measures, and underwent audits to ensure the solidity of its smart contracts and protocols.

How can I get involved with the Bril community?

Joining the Bril community is easy. You can participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with other users on social platforms listed below:

• X (formerly known as twitter): • Discord • Zealy

Engaging in the community allows you to stay informed, share insights, and contribute to the growth of Bril.

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